Phasmophobia Xbox Release Dates for PS5: All Information

Developer Kinetic Games has announced that the much awaited console adaptations of the well-liked ghost-hunting game Phasmophobia xbox have been postponed once more. First scheduled for deployment in August 2023, the ports were first rescheduled for October 2023 due to an interruption in operations at Kinetic’s UK offices caused by a fire. The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions have now been placed on indefinite hold, according to the company, while they strive to resolve persistent issues arising from remote work and optimize the game for PlayStation VR2.

Date of Phasmophobia PS5 Release

Phasmophobia Xbox
  • August 2023 was the initial scheduled release date for Phasmophobia on the PS5.
  • The Phasmophobia PS5 release date was originally pushed out to October 2023.
  • The PS5 version of Phasmophobia does not yet have a scheduled release date due to the most recent extended delay.

Phasmophobia Xbox Release Date

Phasmophobia Xbox Release Date
Phasmophobia Xbox release date is not confirmed yet
  • Similar to the PS5 version, the Phasmophobia Xbox Series X/S release date has experienced delays.
  • scheduled for August 2023, then moved to October 2023, and then postponed indefinitely.
  • There is currently no updated target release window available for the Xbox versions.

Key Takeaways:

  • The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S console adaptations of Phasmophobia have been postponed once more, with no updated release schedule in sight.
  • The developer attributes the primary causes to optimizing for PSVR2 and adjusting to remote work following the office fire.

Kinetic Games stated in their statement that unanticipated challenges resulting from the fire had hampered production as they adjust to a 100% remote process. The group is also striving to guarantee peak performance on the PS5 by utilizing the new PSVR2 headset on the platform. To increase the framerates and overall gaming experience, the Maple Lodge Campsite map has had to be completely redesigned and renovated.

Phasmophobia: Anticipated Release Date for PS5 and Xbox

Early 2024 looks possible, even though no new official target delivery date has been announced. The creator is still determined to release as soon as feasible on consoles. Reiterating that Phasmophobia xbox is still their top priority, Kinetic Games promised to provide a new console release goal frame as soon as feasible. Meanwhile, last month’s Halloween celebrations gave PC gamers a chance to have some eerie seasonal fun.

Phasmophobia Xbox

Abou Phasmophobia’s Xbox

All of this will ultimately come together in the final 1.0 release, at which point additional interactions, ghost models, and a revamp of the events system are anticipated. “Doesn’t mean development for the game will cease, as we’d still like to add more equipment, ghosts, and locations after 1.0 finally arrives,” the developer emphasized in response to the complete launch.

Phasmophobia’s xbox console release, which was postponed following a “fire incident” at the team’s office and was originally planned for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, will also go live “as soon as it’s ready.” The creators expect that by making certain optimizations, “we will be able to keep the game’s graphical quality as close to PC as possible.”

According to Kinetic Games, “the new and enhanced Shop experience, the impending tweaks to the leveling and equipment tiers, as well as minor balancing improvements, are coming with the delay. Because of all of this, console gamers will get the finest possible gameplay straight away, rather than having significant chunks of the game’s progression and gameplay change right after it launches.

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