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Connections Hint Today for NYT: View the solutions and clues for April 24

Everything you need to solve ‘Connections’ #318.

The newest word game that the public is interested in playing from the New York Times is called Connections. The object of the game is to identify “common threads between words.” Similar to Wordle, Connections resets each midnight, and each new set of words becomes increasingly difficult. For this reason, we’ve included some pointers and advice to help you get beyond the obstacle Connections Hint Today.

You may skip to the end of this post for the Connections answer for April 24 if all you want to know is today’s problem. However, if you’d like to figure things out on your own, continue reading for some hints, techniques, and ideas.

What is Connections? Connections Hint Today

The newest word game from the NYT is trending on social media. The Times attributes the creation of the new word game and its introduction to the newspapers’ Games section to associate puzzle editor Wyna Liu. The objective of Connections, which can be played on mobile devices and computer browsers, is for players to form groups of four related words.

There are sixteen words in each problem, and there are four categories for each group of words. Anything from software names to book titles to nation names might be included in these sets. There is only one right response, despite the fact that several words will appear to go together. A set of four words is eliminated from the board if all four words in the set are correctly answered. If a player makes a mistake in their guess, they can make up to four errors before the game ends.

Additionally, players can mix and reorganize the board to facilitate link detection. Every group is also color-coded, with yellow being the easiest and green, blue, and purple following. You may share the outcomes with your friends on social media, much like with Wordle.

For today’s Connections categories, consider this hint

Without knowing the categories, would you like a hit about them? Then try these out:

  • Yellow: Street taco add-ons
  • Green: Units of measurement
  • Blue: Small hip dresses
  • Purple: Hill___

These are the Connections categories for today

Want a bit more assistance? The links of today can be divided into the following groups:

  • Yellow: Taco Toppings
  • Green: Metric Prefixes
  • Blue: Kinds of Skirts
  • Purple: Words with “Hill”

Are you prepared with the answers? Before we release the answers, here is your final chance to go back and complete today’s puzzle.

Please start the drum roll!

Connections #318’s answer is…

What is today’s response to Connections?

  • Metric Prefixes: KILO, MEGA, MICRO, PICO
  • Kinds of Skirts: MINI, PENCIL, POODLE, WRAP
  • Words with “Hill”: CAPITOL, FAITH, FOOT, MOLE

If you were unable to correctly guess it this time, don’t be discouraged. Tomorrow, we’ll have more Connections for you to challenge your intellect, and we’ll be returning to provide you more advice.

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