Taylor Swift AI fakes

Trolls have flooded X with graphic Taylor Swift AI fakes

Around the world, the phrase “Taylor Swift AI” was popular. Before it was taken down, one post had received over 45 million views.

Taylor Swift AI fakes

The newest instance of the propagation of artificial intelligence (AI)-generated false pornography and the difficulty in halting its dissemination is the sexually explicit AI-generated photographs of Taylor Swift AI fakes that have been making the rounds on X (previously Twitter) over the last day.

When a verified user published photographs on X, it garnered over 45 million views, 24,000 reposts, hundreds of thousands of likes, and bookmarks. However, the user’s account was suspended for breaking platform policies. Before it was taken down, the post remained active on the site for around seventeen hours.

However, the pictures started to circulate and were shared on other accounts as people started talking about the trending post. There are still a tonne of them online, and a tonne of new visual fakes have surfaced since. The photos were made more widely known when the phrase “Taylor Swift AI” started trending in several areas.

According to a 404 Media story, the pictures could have started in a Telegram channel where members exchange graphic AI-generated pictures of women that are frequently created with Microsoft Designer. It was stated that members of the gang made jokes about how Swift’s photos became popular on X. 404 Media said on Monday that the flaws had been fixed.

“We are committed to providing a safe and respectful experience for everyone,” Microsoft Responsible AI Engineering Lead Sarah Bird said in reference to the modifications. We have reinforced our current safety measures and are still looking into these photographs to make sure that our services aren’t being abused to produce more pictures similar to these.

Nonconsensual nudity and synthetic and modified media are specifically prohibited from being hosted on X according to the platform’s standards. Although X, Swift, and the NFL have not replied to our requests for comment, X did make the following public statement nearly a day after the event started, but it omitted any reference to the Swift photos.

Swift’s supporters have taken issue with X for letting some of the posts stay up for so long. Fans have reacted by filling the hashtags used to spread the pictures with statements that, in place of promoting explicit fakes, promote actual footage of Swift performing.

Anyone can use this AI art generator — that’s the risk

The event highlights the serious difficulty in preventing deepfake porn and artificial intelligence-generated photos of actual people. While some AI image generators specifically do not give nude, pornographic, or photorealistic photographs of celebrities, many others have limits in place that prohibit such images from being created. Social media companies are frequently tasked with stopping the propagation of false pictures, which may be challenging in the best of situations and much more so for a business like X that has completely undermined its moderation department.

Allegedly, the European Union is investigating allegations that the firm is being used to “disseminate illegal content and disinformation” and is now examining the firm over its crisis protocols. This follows the discovery that the platform was promoting misleading material on the Israel-Hamas conflict.

taylor swift ai fakes

Taylor Swift AI fakes

X (formerly known as Twitter) has recently been inundated with sexual photos created by artificial intelligence that fraudulently portray Taylor Swift. This instance highlights the increasing problem of artificial intelligence (AI) created false pornography and how quickly it is spreading.

Around 45 million views, 24,000 reposts, and a large number of likes and bookmarks were generated by a single post on X that featured these photographs. The post was open for around 17 hours before the account in question was suspended for policy breaches. Regardless, the pictures kept making the rounds on different accounts, and there was a flood of additional obscene fakes popping up. In certain regions, the term “Taylor Swift AI” even became a fad, which increased the exposure of these pictures even more.

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