How ASAP Suggested Wearing Denim Tears Cardi B, Rocky, Fat Joe, and Others

If you recently purchased some “Cotton Wreaths” or Denim Tears clothing, you might want to look through this guide to learn how celebrities dress and wear them.

It’s official—the cool fall air is here to stay—cold enough to wear sweatpants, jeans, and hoodies without being too hot. If the early autumnal weeks have taught us anything, it’s that Denim Tears is genuinely taking over the streets.

Although Denim Tears and Levi’s have been partners since 2020, the brand’s popularity reached a new height this year when it started to release sweatpants and hoodies adorned with its Cotton Wreaths. It seems like everyone is dressed in the brand’s sweatsuits and jeans these days. The excitement surrounding Denim Tears has caused its clothing to sell out instantly on the internet and its disorderly pop-up stores to be closed down by New York authorities. Tremaine Emory, the founder, has really produced a logo that people want to use. However, it is particularly potent since the Cotton Wreath draws inspiration from America’s long history of involvement in the cotton business and the slave trade. In an interview with Complex, Emory said, “The whole idea is to have as many people wearing something that represents the plight of the African diaspora.”

It goes without saying that Denim Tears has struck a chord with a number of well-known celebrities, all of whom have accessorized Cotton Wreaths and other noteworthy releases from the brand in distinctive ways. And many of us will probably be receiving our first pair in the mail shortly because Offset recently created a Denim Tears collaboration with Cotton Wreath Levi’s that can be pre-ordered for the first time. These are some of our favorite celebs’ denim tears styles if you’re looking for some styling ideas.

Offset and Cardi B Denim Tears

@tomasherold and @iamcardib
Styling Advice: Get your loved ones to agree on the appearance.

It should come as no surprise that Cardi B and Offset are ardent Denim Tears fans. Cardi B delivered a notable lyric for Latto’s song “Put It on da Floor Again” outside of Offset releasing a collaboration with the brand. This verse has been referenced in a ton of Denim Tears fit photos. Nigga, why are you crying? Cardi raps, “Bitch, these are Denim Tears.” The power couple demonstrates that dressing the whole family in Cotton Wreath Levi’s is the ideal way to rock them. Yes, Emory created those children’s unique and specially designed appearance just for the family. However, by taking matters into your own hands, you may still create this look even if you’re not a celebrity. Emory gave his blessing to this Atlanta softball team’s sky blue outfits, which were modeled after Denim Tears’ Cotton Wreaths. But please, don’t dress like this embarrassing group of resellers—wear matching sweatpants and sweatshirts.

Style Advice: Accessorize your Denim Tears clothing with unconventional pieces and matching graphic tees.

Kerwin Frost has long been renowned for his daring fashion choices and audacious taste. Even though most of us lack the courage to dress like an ugly snowman, Frost looks amazing in some very strange outfits. An excellent illustration of this is the way he accessorized a leather Levi’s Cotton Wreath outfit with a fur hat that appears to have been taken from Jamiroquai’s closet by Jay Kay. But for some reason, this appearance with the buffalo horns works. Perhaps it’s because it differs from all the other head-to-toe Cotton Wreath ensembles we’ve seen on our timeline. Frost’s decision to interrupt the altercation with a vintage Rosa Parks T-shirt is particularly commendable because it aligns with the Denim Tears’ overall theme.

Denim Tears

Style Tip: When donning the Cotton Wreaths adorned with rhinestones, form a fit around the stones.

Rhinestone versions of Denim Tears’ Cotton Wreaths are among the most well-liked variations. The nine-piece collection that includes trucker caps, T-shirts, quarter-zips, long-sleeve shirts, and jeans was included in the set of pants and zip-up hoodie that ASAP Rocky is sporting. The collection was released in 2022. Despite the fact that Rocky’s accessories really tie this whole ensemble together, it still looks like a straightforward Denim Tears outfit. A pearl chain with green and blue stones and an iced-out Alex Moss “Grim” belt balance out the vibrant rhinestones that are a major accent of this Denim Tears costume.

Style Advice: Avoid dozing off in white Denim Tears jeans. Rather, accept them to tie ensembles with paler hues.

It goes without saying that most people choose to purchase jeans in light blue or dark indigo washes. But occasionally, in order to achieve an incredible fit like Bloody Osiris, you’ll need to wear a pair of white jeans. Here, Bloody O paired a cream-colored puffer by Hood by Air—another Black-owned brand—with a pair of white Levi’s adorned with black cotton wreaths. A stylish pair of white Bottega Veneta Puddle Boots pulls this ensemble together. Even if a basic fit with these jeans is OK, sporting a look similar to Bloody’s would draw more attention than pairing them with an all-white Uptowns and a simple white T-shirt.

Style Advice: They’re jeans! Never hesitate to cuff someone.

Is it better to cuff or not? In actuality, it is dependent upon the type of shoes you are wearing. Additionally, Marc Jacobs displays the stylishness of cuffed Cotton Wreaths by teaming them with heeled Rick Owens platform boots. Jacobs draws all the attention below his waist by wearing a basic shirt. The fact that Jacobs enjoys Emory’s work makes sense. Emory got his start in the fashion world working retail for Marc Jacobs’ own brand, years before he founded Denim Tears.

Cardi B and Offset

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